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Water Horse Formula

Top 3 Supplements for the Hot Water Horse Temperament

The Water horse temperament type is a challenge to keep at a perfect weight. The Water element supplies the Yin and Yang energy to the body and when out of balance the tendency is to move to one extreme or the other. Too much Yang and not enough Yin will manifest as a flighty, dry, thin individual and too much Yin and not enough Yang will cause a horse to be unmotivated, damp and overweight. The organs associated with the Water element are the kidneys, adrenals and the bladder. The 3 top foods for the Water horse temperament will help balance the Yin and Yang as well as support the kidneys, adrenals and bladder. Alfalfa hay, chia seeds and an algae combination supply these needs.

Alfalfa Hay - Alfalfa hay supports the kidneys and adrenals by providing a wide range of minerals. Alfalfa roots go much deeper than the roots of grass hays. This allows alfalfa to access minerals that may not be available on the upper layers of the soil. Energetically, alfalfa is drying so it helps the kidneys remove excess fluid from the tissues. The high calcium content of alfalfa helps buffer acids in the body and this action takes stress off the kidneys. The acid buffering effect of alfalfa helps prevent stomach ulcers in horses. Alfalfa contains enzymes that help the horse digest and assimilate proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Chia Seeds - Chia seeds are a wonderful, balanced energy tonic for the Water horse temperament. Chia seeds provide endurance but do not make a horse flighty. Chia seeds provide minerals and quality fatty acids. The quality fat contained in chia seeds will not contribute to dampness symptoms or excess weight gains as some forms of fat will do. Chia seeds have a lubricating benefit to combat bladder irritation.

Algae Combination - Some forms of algae, such as AFA, will build Yang energy and others, such as seaweeds will build Yin energy. For the Water horse temperament the ideal is to have a mix of multiple types of algae to support both Yin and Yang. An algae combination containing AFA, chlorella, spirulina and several seaweeds provides the Water horse with grounding, Yin energy, easily assimilated minerals, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and Yang energy support for endurance. Increasing Yin support is especially important for young horses in training who need help with focus and learning.

Understanding the need to balance Yin and Yang energy will help you keep your Water horse temperament at the ideal weight and provide for a level amount of energy. Providing foods high in minerals, in addition to grass hay and a balanced concentrate feed, will help the kidneys build strong bones and teeth. Alfalfa hay, chia seeds and an algae combination are 3 top foods to provide Yin energy for focus and learning plus Yang energy for endurance. Including them in the diet will allow your Water horse temperament to enjoy his training and hold up well for hard work.

Water Horse - Brave & Warm

The Water Horse Formula is based on the unique needs of this temperament type. It contains warming herbs to offset the tendency of the Water horse to suffer from bone and joint discomfort that is worse in cold weather.

Extra minerals are included to support healthy bones and teeth. Kidney support herbs aid in fluid balance. Specific amino acids are used to provide the nervous system with nutrition needed to stay focused and respond to new challenges with more confidence.

Water Balancing Formula
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