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Water Horse Formula

Problem Feeds for the Water Temperament Horse

Beet pulp is a wonderful food for many horses but not all Water horses do well on it. The Kidneys and Bladder are the organs associated with the Water element. Some Water horses fed larger amounts of beet pulp can develop kidney issues, such as soreness in the lower back. These issues will resolve when the amount of beet pulp is lowered.

Feeding Apple Cider Vinegar helps resolve the back soreness associated with high beet pulp diets so it is possible that the high calcium content of beet pulp is causing some irritation in the kidneys. The apple cider vinegar may help dissolve any calcium deposits. If beet pulp is needed in the diet in significant amounts it would be good to combine it with a high phosphorus food such as rice bran, wheat bran or oats.

Water Horse Formula