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Gallaecia a WOOD horse.
Quick report. I think the Wood balancer really helped Gallaecia! I did the 8 days and took her to a show a few days later. She was PUMPED up but didn't have a single rage meltdown. No nasty ears or trying to run through me even in a high stress environment.
Courtney Secor

Hi Everyone!
I found temperament typing through my own sometimes challenging experiences with horses. I took up riding in my late 40s and was not well matched through 3 horses. I started using typing, via the Horse Harmony book, to help me find the right partner.

My 4th horse really sent my passion for typing into high gear. Finnegan, my Irish Draught, seemed perfect in my test ride. However, when he got to our home, things quickly went south. My easygoing guy was suddenly spooky, fearful, and not ok. I knew he was out of balance. I called Dree to talk about solutions. Within 2 days of starting the right formula, he was that perfect horse again and has remained that way…well, mostly. He is a horse after all!

While talking to Dree, she mentioned the typing class. It started as a way to understand our own horses better. But, as soon as I got it into the course I was fascinated. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve got 2 more horses to assess for Level 2 and I have to say, I’ve loved it! I am pursuing my certification further and hopefully adding acupressure to my tool box.

I am recently retired from my corporate life, so I’ve got more time now to spend with my horses and typing. I am a dressage newbie, who is working to improve my seat/skill in the saddle and hoping to enter some schooling shows in the near future. We may even try a little jumping.

Oh and Finnegan? He is the goofiest Yang Ming I’ve ever met and we’re really matched. He is a hard worker, a seriously cheeky character, gives it his all, and can take a joke. After 3 failed “horse relationships”, I got it right. :)
Shari Meischen

Hi everyone,
I trained for equine massage and have been working at that for the last few years. I met Kim at an introduction to acupressure for horses and am really interested in learning that in the future. I was drawn to this class because I know quite a few horses with interesting, quirky personalities (including my own), and being able to understand them better and help them be balanced and happy is my goal! I have really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to hearing from all of you.
Janette Walker

Cooper, a METAL horse.
I would like to start this story of my incredible journey with my two best friends, Rita and Cooper. Rita literally gave me a remarkable gift name"Cooper". He is a handsome red roan,16.2 quarter horse with great conformation. My best friend has a lovely blue roan mare named Kate and bred her once to give the foal to her sister.To make a long story short, her sister and Cooper were not a good fit. After he was weaned he was sent from Austin to live in Lubbock Texas. At that time I told Rita I love that horse and someday he will be mine.

Metal Horse

After a three year absence from my life Cooper returned to live with Dr. Madalyn Ward in Fisher, Texas. When Cooper arrived at Dr. Ward's farm we saw that he was not in good health. From living in west Texas on a large ranch he was covered in ticks and was very thin. Under Dr. Ward's care we treated the ticks and started him on blue green algae and essentials which is a combination of powerful probiotics and pure food enzymes. He started to gain weight. One day Dr. Ward called me to come hold Cooper because he had fallen down on his knees and skinned his head in a "V" shape from below his eyes down to his nostrils. His wound healed perfectly but something was not right with him.

After I starting training him, I felt his inability to be able to coordinate himself for the simplest request. I continued working with him, learning natural horsemanship and trying to understand Cooper's needs. The next stumbling block came in the form of him being diagnosed with EPM. I was glad to find out that he had EPM because he had fallen down twice with me on him. After months of treatment he became stronger and we seemed to be going in the right direction. His training was progressing nicely but riding him became tricky. He spooked easily, had a hard time focusing, and was very insecure. With Dr. Ward's holistic care of nutrition and body work, things just kept getting better.

The last piece of this puzzle for Cooper and I was starting him on the "Metal Horse" temperament balancing formula which is given the first eight days of each month. I can now take Cooper to clinics or to the mountains trail riding with him thinking and reacting calmly! My partnership with Cooper is the greatest joy in my life, thanks to Dr. Ward.

Thought I would give you an update on the Earth Formula for Button.
This last week has been humid and hot for sure. I started giving him a scoop of the Earth last Friday evening, then followed up with one every morning for 8 days….
By Sunday it seemed, (subtle, and a lot of people would miss it) his eyes, seemed a bit softer. He seemed a bit more relaxed and focused.
I rode him Sunday morning, humidity 88% but temp was around 77 deg. His gaits were not as rough, here again it was subtle, but I noticed it and he could lope out without the usual fuss we do to begin with…
His overall demeanor after the week on the supplement- was alert, but not nervy, and more focused. He seemed easier to be with me, and less pushy. Be interesting to see how he is in a few weeks.
He has been drinking a lot of water, it’s hot and that’s his norm, but what little I was around him this week, seemed his urination was not overly often. He did not wet in his stall as much or while saddling or while getting ready to mount him to ride, only once during our ride. The color was light yellow instead of looking like pure water just running through. I will order some more! I think it did make some improvements for him.

Third ride up in the mountains and Cooper and I had the best ride ever!! On his own he was thinking maybe the sides of the road would be better footing. He has never thought to look for a better path. His energy was always about going up instead of looking around. Today, not one spook!! He has been on the Metal Formula for only 4 days so far and with noticeable results. I will be keeping him on it for the full 8 days.
Thank you!

My horse is the bottom one in a herd of 6. He is very kind but only trusts me. I brought him a bucket with a scoop of Water Formula in it. All the other horses gathered around and he was to scared of them to stick his head in the bucket. After the other horses left to graze else where he checked out the powder and ate it all, gnawing at the bottom of the bucket to see if he could possibly find more! After a few days his confidence was amazing and he became the herd leader. I kept feeding it to him, thinking if he kept eating it, he would keep his confidence. By day 10 he became a bully. I backed off feeding the formula. I guess he became balanced after 8 days and that was all he needed. I will feed it to him for 8 days next month to keep him balanced.