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There are many approaches to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but the Five-Element approach is unique in that it includes the idea that each of us, animal or human, represents a “constitutional type,” exhibiting certain physical and emotional traits that are specific to that type. Viewing the individual from this perspective can also be applied to horses, thus facilitating a better understanding of any given horse’s nature and needs.

Madalyn Ward, DVM has created a variety of resources to help horse owners understand these personality types and provide for their individual needs, which are exclusively sold on Equine Science Solutions' website.

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Horse Temperaments

Earth Horse - Sweet & Energized

Earth horses love two things: respect and food. They are solid citizens who want to be appreciated for the good work they do, and food treats often go a long way toward keeping them happy. They make perfect school horses and work well with children. They develop bad habits when their daily routine is upset.

The Earth horse is a wonderful horse to have. He is willing, friendly and trustworthy. He often is labeled as lazy but this does not have to be. When an Earth horse is fed the foods that are right for him he can stay fit and energetic while still maintaining his wonderful disposition.


Fire Horse - Calm & Cool

Fire horses love to be at the center of attention and they want to be adored. They make excellent hunters and dressage horses, as well as good pleasure horses. They need to be told that they are loved. They enjoy grooming and bathing because it makes them beautiful.

The Element of Fire is beautiful, full of energy, sensitive to fuel and oxygen. When nurtured, properly fueled and controlled, fire is warm, loving and light. Poorly managed, Fire burns inefficiently or out of control. So it is with the essence of the Fire horse temperament.


Metal Horse - Flexible & Resilient

Metal horses enjoy order and control, and can stand up to some of the toughest working conditions. They do their jobs perfectly but otherwise desire very little interaction. They can be found in all disciplines and are often found in working-horse situations like ranching.

The Metal horse is strong and durable. He is not warm and fuzzy so does not make the best kid or family horse. The Metal horse is best where consistent performance is required. He learns best when exercises are broken into individual segments. He likes routine and thinks in patterns.


Water Horse - Brave & Warm

Water horses need safety and a trustworthy rider. They can be brilliant show horses but panic easily. They perform well in events that call for animation and excitement, and are motivated by cheering crowds. They need steady riders to help them through scary situations.

The Water horse needs to move and when his movement is properly guided he can be a brilliant performer. TheWater horse is highly intelligent and sensitive and he needs a safe environment to learn. It is much easier to start a Water horse slowly than to try and bring him back...


Wood Horse - Willing & Balanced Energy

The Wood horse is full of life. He is strong and athletic. He loves to run, win, and play hard. He likes to work but also wants his work to challenge him. The Wood horse has a self assured presence that causes him to stand out in a crowd.

When the energy of the Wood horse is directed towards a competition it can produce a breath taking performance. If the Wood horse is allowed to grow restless and not given a goal he can easily become a dangerous outlaw.


Consult - Which Formulas to use

Our Balancing Formulas are designed to help horses stay healthy and handle normal levels of stress. Balancing Formulas work well when the foundational nutritional program is solid and there are no current disease states.

If you are not certain about your foundational nutritional program or your horse has current health problems we suggest a veterinary consult with Dr. Madalyn Ward to address these areas before you order a Balancing Formula.
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