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Wood Horse Formula

Wood Horse: The Ultimate Competitor

The Wood horse is full of life. He is strong and athletic. He loves to run, win, and play hard. He likes to work but also wants his work to challenge him. The Wood horse has a self assured presence that causes him to stand out in a crowd. When the energy of the Wood horse is directed towards a competition it can produce a breath taking performance. If the Wood horse is allowed to grow restless and not given a goal he can easily become a dangerous outlaw.

When working at a challenging job the Wood horse stays focused and engaged but when forced to drill on basics he can become distracted and willful. The Wood horse is the ultimate competitor and can do any job that lets him show his ability to be the best.

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The Essence of the Wood Horse

The Wood horse is strong, athletic and proud. He loves to win. When working at a challenging job the Wood horse stays focused and engaged but when forced to drill on basics he can become distracted and willful. The Wood horse needs a simple, low starch diet with added high chlorophyl containing foods. The Wood horse is the ultimate competitor and can do any job that lets him show his ability to be the best.

Horse Temperament: The 2 types of Wood horse

When a person thinks about the Wood horse temperament what often comes to mind is a racehorse. The Wood horse temperament is powerful, athletic, smart and headstrong. These are great characteristics for a racehorse but not so good if you want a horse of your own to compete and have fun with. Yet, there are people out there competing and winning on Wood horses and having a blast with them. So what gives? The secret is they are buying a whole different type of Wood horse than the classic race horse Wood.

It has taken me a few years to understand that there are 2 types of Wood horse temperament, the classic racehorse and the less intense, show horse Wood. The racehorse Wood is typically a thoroughbred or appendix type quarter horse while your show horse is your ranch bred quarter horse or warmblood. Of course, any breed can be either type Wood but these are simply examples.

The racehorse Wood temperament is all about power and speed. He is not intimidated or easily shifted off his opinions. The racehorse Wood wants to win at all costs. This Wood type has been bred for competing and winning for so long that it is in his makeup. It is as much an instinct to him as eating or drinking. Running is what he loves to do.

The racehorse type Wood can withstand the rigors of race training because he is happy doing that job but put him in a show barn and he can develop many health challenges and vices. Ulcers, cribbing or stall weaving are just a few examples of what happens with a racehorse Wood that is not coping. To keep the racehorse Wood healthy and happy you better have a training program that includes plenty of physical exercise. Pasture turnout and other Wood horse buddies can help as well. Be firm but avoid confrontation. Instead work to redirect any excess exuberance into constructive exercises.

Wood Horse Formula

If you take the racehorse Wood and dial him back about 50% you get the show horse Wood. Show horse breeders have recognized the challenge of dealing with a racehorse Wood so they have crossed him on ranch type quarter horses or drafts to bring down the intense energy. The show horse Wood is still a great competitor but he does not have the same intense desire to run. As a matter of fact, the show horse Wood can border on lazy if he is not enjoying his work. The show horse Wood can even balk or buck if he does not want to do something.

The show horse Wood does enjoy competing. He likes to win and thrives on a training program that focuses on improving his skills and strength. He does not seem to mind working when he sees a reason for it. The show horse Wood does not tolerate being drilled on exercises that are not directly related to his job. For example, if you want to work on transitions of lead changes do this between small jumps or barrels setup in a pattern. Get out of the ring anytime you can and work in open fields or on the trail. Take you english Wood show horse to work cows or you cow horse to jump jumps.

The show type Wood horse temperament does not have as many health and stall vices when stressed but they sure will get unruly. Expect to find buckets and tubs destroyed when the show type Wood horse gets bored. Pawing and kicking are signs of the show Wood horse with too much feed and not enough work. If your show horse type Wood has to live in a stall make sure he is tired when he is in it. He may not be going out for regular gallops like the race horse Wood but you can sure take him to the round pen or for a long ride on off training days.

So it you are looking to buy a Wood horse temperament of any breed, think carefully about what you are wanting and able to handle. So many times a person is thrilled by watching a racehorse type Wood perform but has the job and skill level for a show horse type Wood. This is why one person can have a Wood show horse that they love and win consistently with while another has a Wood horse temperament that borders on dangerous if not handled expertly. It is not the Wood horse that is the problem but the type Wood horse that is not a match for the expectations of the person.