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Fire Horse Formula

Training the Fire Temperament Horse

The Fire horse has a sensitive, intelligent and willing disposition. The Fire horse wants to please and thrives on praise. The Fire horse loves to go forward and his gaits are generally very smooth. He is quick to move off of pressure and is light to aids. The Fire horse can hold some tightness through his jaw and top line so it is important to spend time asking him to lower his head and get soft.

If handled with care and appreciation the Fire horse will give you everything he has but if pushed too hard he can lose focus and become upset. The Fire horse is proud and he does not tolerate harsh correction. The Fire horse is a brave horse but he can get distracted by conditions in his environment. Pain is another reason for the Fire horse to get upset. While some horses can work through pain the Fire horse has a low pain tolerance.

When your Fire horse gets overwhelmed support him by staying calm yourself, directing his feet in a specific way but not forcing him to slow his feet. Do circles, serpentines, leg yields, and turns on the forehand and hindquarters. As soon as he slows down let him walk straight. Talk to him, praise him for remaining calm and tell him he is OK. Nine times out of ten these steps will calm the Fire horse and bring him back to his normally willing self unless pain is the issue. Always remember how important praise is to the Fire horse and make sure you end all training sessions on a good note.

Fire Horse Formula