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Fire Horse Formula

Fire Balancing Formula: Calm & Cool

Fire Horse Formula is based on the unique needs of this temperament type. It contains:

-Cooling herbs to offset the tendency of the Fire horse connective tissue to respond to stress with excess inflammation.
-Specific amino acids, minerals and B vitamins are included to support the sensitive nervous system of the Fire horse.
-Additional animo acids are provided to help build muscle strength in the normally refined Fire horse.
-Prebiotics and soothing herbs are used to maximize digestion and protect the mucosa of the small intestine.

This formula is specifically designed to maintain balance in the Fire horse but it can also be used in other temperament types experiencing imbalance in the Fire element due to exposure to extreme hot, dry weather conditions.

For all the Balancing Formulas, an 8 day course, given once a month is the suggested protocol for maintaining balance. However longer courses of 1/2 a dose a day may be needed for the horse in training or under stress (physical or emotional). One bag will last 4 month if given the first 8 days of every month.

Stress is going to be a part of our horse’s lives so it is important to recognize it. Often stress behavior is mistaken for bad behavior and the horse is punished which creates more stress. A better option is to offer specialized nutritional support to mitigate the Stress Symptoms. If the negative Stress Symptoms are lessened then they are less likely to lead to behavior or physical health issues in the horse. In other words, if we can’t make the stress go away we can help the horse have less of a negative reaction to it.

Fire Horse Formula

Reducing Stress Symptoms is an important part of the principle behind the Five Element balancing formulas. These formulas are very carefully designed to provide each horse temperament with the nutrients specifically needed by his type when under stress. Providing these extra nutrients will decrease the occurrence of Stress Symptoms.

We are ready to take orders for these balancing formulas. If you don’t know your horse’s type we have expert Temperament Consultants to help you. We are excited to offer Five Element balancing formulas and are very much look forward to hearing from you on how they are working for your horse. So far the feedback has been quite positive.