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Metal Horse Formula

Training the Metal Temperament Horse

The Metal horse comes across as a slow learner but in reality is just a slow processor of information. He can learn when the information is presented in an organized way and broken down into small amounts of information at a time. Once the Metal horse has focused adequately to learn a simple task he can then add a new task and retain the previous lesson. The Metal horse may be slower to learn but his memory is the best of all the horse temperament types.

The Metal horse is the least physically flexible and this may cause him to come across as resistant to moving forward. He will tend to balk when he feels any pressure on his face. You will need lots of leg but resist the temptation to reach for a crop until you are sure your Metal horse understands what you are asking. Ask for enough forward steps off you leg until you are sure your horse understood he did the right action then stop and let him process the new information. Repeat the same cue several times until your Metal horse personality moves off your leg every time. Only when you are sure your horse understands the leg cue do you ask for him to get soft to your hands as you ask him to step off.

Suppling exercises are critical for the Metal horse. Spend lots of time doing circles and lateral work. Make sure your Metal horse can bend his neck easily and flex through his ribs bot standing still and when moving forward. Once you have your Metal horse focused on learning, moving forward easily and supple to your aids he will be able to do anything you ask.

Metal Horse Formula