Make Your Horse the Perfect Match for You

Discover the Five Elements of the Temperament and Health of Your Horse

3 Easy Steps to get the maximum potential out of your Horse

1 Mouse over the banner to find out what type your horse is

2 Click on the type "Learn More" to fully understand the type

(if you can not figure out your horses type, click on the Typing Consultant tab and email the Typing Consultant of your choice to confirm your horses type)

3 Choose the balancing formula that is right for your horse.

One bag will last 4 months!
If your horse has emotional issues feed formula for your horses type (Fire formula for a Fire horse).
If your horse has physical issues feed the formula that corresponds with the symptoms listed under the STRESS EMOTIONS tab.

1-3Or Learn how to type a horse

Join our online class and learn how to type a horse and make it easier to get it right.
This online class is self-paced and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Horse Temperament Types.
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Discover the benefits of Horse Temperament Typing in this short introductory online course with Typing Consultant Kim Bauer.

Kim Bauer is the Lead Instructor for Equine Science Solutions and is a Certified Horse Temperament Typing Consultant. She has been teaching equine and small animal courses worldwide. Kim began her studies in animal acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999 and has received dual certification in both large and small animal acupressure. Additionally, Kim holds certificates in large and s mall animal massage from the Northwest School of Animal Massage (NWSAM) and has been an instructor for the school since 2005.


If you are a horse lover, you have probably experienced the pain and frustration of finding "the perfect horse", only to discover later that the two of you are a poor match. This approach looks at horses in a whole new way. Just as with humans, these wonderful creatures have different constitutions and personalities that can be defined and evaluated.
Using Traditional Chinese Medicine as her model, Dr. Ward has developed 5 basic types and 6 combo horse types and temperaments. She describes the personality as well as the best training, occupation, diet, and management approach for each. After experiencing years of frustration with her own poor equine matches and watching hundreds of clients in similar situations, Dr. Ward has dedicated herself to creating a practical approach to creating a stronger partnership with your horse.
Our goal is to empower you to recognize your most fitting equine companion - or learn how better to work, live, and play with the horse you already care for. She hopes this will be a significant step toward helping you to understand your horse better and realize your lifelong equestrian dreams.
Earth Horse: The Dependable Lesson Horse Is your horse the perfect match for you and his job?
Our horses give us so much, now you can give them what they need. Find the right balancing formula to help him be happy & healthy.
Click on each panel above to learn more about the temperaments and discover which one your horse might be.
These products are meant to aid in balancing and supporting health, they are not formulated to resolve a disease state in the horse.

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