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Online Class to become a Horse Temperament Typing Consultant

Horse Temperament Typing Class

Online Horse Temperament Typing Course

Interested in learning more about Horse Temperament Typing? Then we have a class for you! This online course has been created to share information with you about the eleven Horse Temperament Types as explained by Madalyn Ward, DVM. Dr. Ward has been a pioneering voice in the field of holistic horse care for over two decades and she breaks new ground with the Horse Temperament Typing system. Her cutting edge casework now extends to helping horse lovers find their perfect equine match or better understand their current equine partner.

This online class is self-paced (you have 4 months to complete it) and it is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Horse Temperament Types

This class is also designed to be the first in a 2 step process to becoming a Certified Horse Temperament Consultant. If you are interested in Certification, the steps to achieving this can be found below:

  • Step 1 Successfully complete the online course.
    This provides you with the information to type your own horse or horses in your care to best support them.
  • Step 2 Guided extern-ship which involves typing 20 different horses.
    After demonstrating proficiency in typing as determined by the submitted case studies you will then be certified in Level 2. This would then allow you to be listed on the HorseTemperament website as a Temperament Typing Consultant. You would also be able to charge for Typing horses and could integrate it into what you are already doing with horses or create a new business. The cost for Level 2 is $200.

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The cost of the Horse Temperament Typing Class is $300 which you can pay through our PayPal account:

Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the class which you can get to here:

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